Provided services

On the ground floor there is a kitchen for breakfast preparation by staff only.

Breakfast can be requested during reservation and/or at check-in for an additional fee of 150.00CZK.

Guests may use the microwave, teakettle, and toaster in the kitchenette on the ground floor.

The refrigerator and washing machine can be used with staff’s permission only.

Guests are not allowed to use the espresso machine located in the staff kitchen near the reception area.



Reservations can be made via our website:

or by phoning between 8:00AM and 8:00PM


Ms. Jana Kárászová  (owner) at (+420) 721 840 415

The country code for Czechia/Czech Republic is +420.


Registration and Payment

At check-in guests will be requested to present their country ID card or a passport and a payment in advance. We accept cash payments only.



Each guest will receive a room key and a main door key after a deposit of 200.00CZK/7.00 EURO.

The charge for each lost key is 500.00CZK/19.00 EUROS,



The checkout time is 10:00AM. Guests can leave the guesthouse after returning the house and room keys and after staff room-check.


Cancellation of Reservations

You may cancel your reservations via phone or via email at least seven (7) days in advance.