Guesthouse Anděl is located in the historical part of the royal town and near the bishopric of Litoměřice.
The guesthouse was recently completely renovated.
The building is completely renovated.

A view of the guesthouse (the white building in the center)


The guesthouse welcomes all types of tourists, including cyclists. There is a designated area for bike storage and minor bike repairs are available

A view of bike storage
The guesthouse is comprised of one triple and three double rooms, with the total capacity of 9 beds (plus an extra bed). On the first floor there is a bathroom with a shower stall and two separate WCs.


A view from the historical fortifications:
Bishop’s Residence, Guesthouse Anděl is outlined, St. Stephen’s Cathedral


Breakfast is served in the dinning area on the ground floor.
There is a washing machine, a refrigerator, a microwave oven, a teakettle and a toaster for our guests’ convenience.

A view of the dinning area


On the ground floor there is a bathroom with a shower stall and two separate WCs with sinks.
On the first floor there is a kitchenette with a teakettle, a coffee maker, utensils and dishware (knives, forks, spoons, glasses and mugs).

 A view of the kitchenette on the first floor
On the  second floor there is a shared full bath for rooms #3 and #4 that are located on the second floor.

A view of Room #2
The rooms offer views of historical fortifications and of a café called Káva s párou (Coffee with Steam). The café displays its scaled model train, the railway station and miniatures of important Litoměřice buildings.


A view of the historical fortifications


Next to the Guesthouse Anděl there is Orbis Café and a few steps uphill is the café Káva s párou (Coffee with Steam).  About 30m (98 feet) from the guesthouse there is a parking lot.

A statue of the 19. Century Czech romantic poet, Karel Hynek Mácha


The Litoměřice Information Center is located on the main square (Mírové náměstí) and can be reached on foot via the Mácha’s Stairs in a couple of minutes. The Mácha statue will greet you at the top of the stone staircase.
The Dome Square with St. Stephen’s Cathedral, a major tourist destination, is about a 3-minute walk past the wine bar Vikárka with the Mácha’s Room.
We recommend a climb of the cathedral clock tower to enjoy a unique view of the city and its surroundings.
A view of the St. Stephen’s Cathedral at the Dome Square
Litoměřice can be your base for many interesting excursions around the town and its vicinity.

 A view of the St. Stephen’s Cathedral at the Dome Square
 Guesthouse Anděl is located in close proximity to the junction of the Elbe and the Ohře Cycle Routes (bike trails).
The guesthouse functions also as a photo gallery of the Czech Middle Mountains Range with a unique option to visit the places depicted.

A view of the Czech Middle Mountains Range