Operating Rules

Guests are kindly requested to respect the operating instructions.
The guests must not damage the guesthouse.
Quiet hours begin at 10PM.
If any damage or issues occur, please immediately notify the staff by calling number (+420) 721 840 415, where you may also leave your comments.
There is no smoking in the guesthouse.
No pets are allowed in the guesthouse.
For security reasons, the terrace is not accessible to guests.
Windows must not be used to discard or store any items.
Always lock the main entrance to Jarošova St.
Any type of manipulation of the boiler and/or thermostat is strictly prohibited.
After using a microwave oven, toaster and/or teakettle, please unplug the appliances.

Fire Precautions

A smoke detector is located in the hallway at the top floor.
In case of an alarm caused by a fire and/or a shout of  “Hoří!” or “Fire!” or “Feuer!,” guests must immediately evacuate the building via the main entrance.
Guests are not allowed to store objects on the stairs and other common areas.
Please store your bikes in the designated area on the ground floor.
Thank you for your understanding.
We look forward to welcoming you!